On Friday, Congress agreed to repeal the part of the sequester that furloughed FAA workers. This move was made in response to a number of airlines reporting delayed flights and lengthy waits at airports.

The United States federal budget went into the sequester on March 1, 2013. Like the so-called “fiscal cliff,” the sequester was proposed in the hopes that both parties would come to an agreement about spending and taxation before the drastic measures went into effect. They did not.

Economists including Robert Reich have been vocal about the lopsided effects of the sequester and how it hurts economic recovery. While Congress has restored funding that will make it easier for people to catch their flights, programs such as Head Start and funding for cancer research, student financial aid and low-income housing are still suffering the effects of the sequester.

Should Congress be allowed to repeal the sequester in pieces? Or should it have to decide on a budget and cancel the sequester altogether?

Should Congress have to fully end the sequester all at once, or is it OK to pick and choose which parts to repeal?

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  15. mattbirnbaum said: It’s a slippery slope, because defense contractors will pressure the legislators they fund to roll back the cuts on defense spending; but there’s no big money on the side of something like head start.
  16. truezander said: They should be required to do their job and come together to develop a comprehensive budget. Cuts are needed but not in this critical moment in recovery and in this way.
  17. freemasonic-yowl answered: They shouldn’t have been allowed to implement any of this austerity, they certainly shouldn’t be only restoring budgets for things they use.
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