This is union busting, pure and simple. It’s intended to cut labor unions off from their funding.
Michael Shure guest-hosted The War Room and talked about whether Obama’s protests over Michigan’s right-to-work legislation were loud enough to be heard. SEIU president Mary Kay Henry joined him to discuss the issue. Watch the full interview here, and tune in to “The War Room” Monday-Thursday afternoons at 5E/2P.
It isn’t that they don’t want to be union members but when you have to choose between paying your union dues and making a house payment then you make your house payment. … It is going to weaken any ability we had to go to the table and bargain.

A teacher speaks up in right-to-work riots

We spoke to a ninth grade teacher protesting at the Michigan state capitol today over the right-to-work legislation. While she admits that union dues can be a financial hardship for families, she says in the long run, not having a union to represent them will only hurt them more.

Former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm is talking about the proposed anti-union legislation on ‘The War Room’ today — check out our site for clips.


Governor Jennifer M. Granholm tearing it up at the DNC. 

You haven’t experienced the full extent of her awesomeness if you haven’t seen the whole speech. Luckily, we can fix that for you.