Is there anything more boring than saying the “General Petraeus Scandal,” over and over again, as said scandal continues to evolve into a bigger and badder beast? Where is this story’s “Watergate”? Its “Fast and Furious”?

Current host Joy Behar asked our friends on Twitter and Facebook to give us their suggestions for a better name.

Joy’s three favorite choices so far:

  • 'If you see something, schtup something'
  • Real Housewives of The Pentagon?
  • Operation “is that a Desert Storm in my pants or am I just happy to see you?”

And our runners up:    

  • Covert Affair
  • Broadraeus-gate
  • Pussy Nomore
  • "skankdel"
  • Call of Booty
  • The Middle East of Eden
  • Betrayus-gate
  • Victoria’s Top Secret

The tumblr crew here votes for “Call of Booty.” What’s your favorite? Or do you have an even better idea?